Brian Sørensen - Load

3:01, 2013, Animation
My graduation project in Digital Media at 3D College, Denmark.
A small, full [[CG]]shortfilm set in a pseudo 1980s environment, where a nostalgic theme is emphasized through the display of old computer hardware, together with careful cinematic grading.
Made as a "proof of concept" for a future project that I am currently working on.
DirectorBrian SørensenProducerBrian SørensenWriterBrian SørensenEditorBrian SørensenComposerBrian Sørensen

CountryDenmarkEdition2013 BudgetLimited budgetScreeningsJuly 2013, Indiedemand, Indiedemand.comAwardsJuly 2013, Indiedemand, Best Film of the month

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