Blanca Giménez - Lugares fronterizos (hogar)

9:56, 2013, Video Art
Lugares fronterizos (Hogar) ["Border locations (Home)"] encloses a personal reflection about the private space. The videographic images aim is to show the viewer certain fragments of reality, everyday scenes mainly captured within the home. These images are complemented by other more symbolic ones, filmed in an aseptic and improbable space, in which we sense the artifice. Images that rather than portray the private space, as with the first ones, talk about the feelings and emotions that often surprise us within those four walls.

Articulated in three chapters (the bathroom, the bedroom and the kitchen), its spaces become pretexts to investigate about deeper concepts.
The relationship with nature, with the individual and the social being are turned, respectively, in the true background of each of the chapters.
Thus, each chapter addresses a personal reflection that goes from the myth of the mermaid as a hybrid between human and animal living in a natural environment to our model of society, in which we establish emotional ties to our near relatives, also dealing with introspective thought and self-knowledge. All these meetings (with oneself, with others or with natural elements) have a place, in one way or another, at home, whose spaces have been deliberately divided and endowed with different meanings; in that sense, every stay in the project takes these meanings, investigating them and giving new ones.
DirectorBlanca GiménezProducerBlanca GiménezWriterBlanca GiménezCameraLuis MarcoEditorBlanca GiménezCrewRaquel Vicente Gómez
Ana Marco
Ana Bernguer
Javier Sánchez

CountrySpainEdition2013 Screenings10.2013 International Festival of Videoart The Scientist (Ferrara, Italy)
10.2013 Bivouac 2013 (Melbourne, Australia)
11.2013 Collective exhibition Sinergias at Pipoca Cultural Coworking (Barcelona, Spain)
11.2013 International Videoart Festival Proyector (Madrid, Spain)
11.2013 Screening Veladas #5 at El Arsenal Creative Space (Córdoba, Spain)
11.2013 Videolooking Festival (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain)
12.2013 Alternative film/video Festival (Belgrade, Serbia)
AwardsProject sponsored by the City Council of Valencia and developed in Las Naves Espacio de Creación Contemporánea

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