Brian Delevie - Emanations

10:16, 2008, Video Art
Emanations visual and thematic fragility relies on the viewer to enter a delicately layered sea-like atmosphere analogous to the fluid and fluctuating state of memory. representing seemingly idyllic moments from childhood (in which the ritual aspects of the kite act as a central motif) the film traces the shifting mindscape of the rememberer, perceptively transitioning between viewpoint and reflection. scenes revealing a unique quality of light are at times toned with muted blues, greens or golds and at other times are abstracted into black and white to convey the poignancy and splendor, distance and apprehension, experienced within recalled memory.
DirectorBrian Delevie And Isshaela InghamProducerBrian Delevie And Isshaela InghamCameraBrian Delevie And Isshaela InghamEditorBrian Delevie And Isshaela Ingham

CountryUSAEdition2008 ScreeningsOpen ear festival, cardiff, wales

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