Dnasab - Animatronic

2:00, 2010, Experimental
[dNASAb] Holds a BFA in Sculpture and Mixed Media from Florida State University and has attended an International Summer Residency at the Experimental Television Center (2006), Owego, NY, where he worked with the Wobulator Nam Jun Paik’s pioneering video synthesizer. Recent 2010-2007 exhibitions include; \"dataclysmic\", Frederieke Taylor Gallery, NYC, solo project, \"Contemporary Art + Social Media\" Art Salon\", Art Basel, Miami Beach, FL, \"Currents in Contemporary Photography\" Flanders Art Gallery, Raleigh, NC Infosphere Aesthetics a solo show at the Cress Galleries University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Video Art in the Age of the Internet, Chelsea Art Museum, NY, 10 plus 10, Marc DePuercherdon Gallery, Basel, Switzerland; and Particulate at LumpWest Gallery, Eugene, OR; and a solo exhibition at the Galleries at Peeler, University of DePauw, IN.
Past exhibition highlights include All Systems Go (2006) curated by Marisa Olsen for Rhizome at Scope New York (2006), Obscure Sexual habits of Wireless Data (2005) one-person exhibition at Romo Gallery, Atlanta, GA; and Unframed First Look (2004) curated by Cindy Sherman, Jack Pierson, and Adam Fuss, Sean Kelly Gallery, NY. A juried salon for emerging artists \"whose work will be galvanizing the art world in the months and years to come\"
[dNASAb] has maintained a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1997.
My work references future technological advancements in which singularities occur between species and science. Human technologies have made visible territories once believed to not even exist. Continually through the advancements of science we are able to see more of the natural world and consequentially manipulate it for our purposes. I create complex sculptural systems based on the shapes of genetics, nature and technology. These systems become ecosystems where a symbiotic relationship occurs between disparate materials, L.E.D’s, fiber optics, sculptural materials and consumer electronics. This a paradoxical time period when genetic-organic materials grow together, fuse into complex new systems, with computers and technology. I am inspired by the ideas of this inevitable conglomeration.
Is not a television already a unique example of this fusion, minus the genetics? It is a technological hardware device but it creates/delivers ideas via the organic, light and sound waves. This seemed impossible or far-fetched, as well, \"Pre-TV\". Already we are being met at the marketplace with other more recent examples like OLED technologies, organic light emitting diodes as tv screens, enhanced by natural phospherescence properties.
I envision a home entertainment system more closely resembling a garden of living tissues than a stack of boxy hardwares. A new natural landscape of ecosystems growing around our technologies is emerging as reality. Plugging in our devices to living power sources, Is it in the near future?
Clusters of shimmering schools of animatronic video screens, Is it far fetched? Organic interactive replicating video organisms, Is it impossible? Actualizing works that instigate these kinds of questions is my intention.



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