Dustin Klare - Current charges

7:50, 2010, Experimental
Motion begins as computer-generated debris orbit the central, cavity-filled forms. Patterned orbs appear from inside these wells, agitatedly flying/swimming/floating towards and eventually off the edge of the viewing screen. A brief pause is followed with only two orbs returning, seemingly weakened, as they meagerly droop off the bottom of the screen.

The Information Modulator (excerpt, 2006)
This animation is a part of a longer, fictitious documentary that details the recent development by Biospatial Epistoengineer Jon Abrams. Abrams created a skin cream called the "Information Modulator" that can speed up and compress the transmission of information through the nervous system.

Two City (2007)
The visuals of this video are split into two halves. On the left side, planes fly about as pirates, archers, ringmasters and others float downward. The other side alternates between a video of a pink vibration caused by the camera’s reception of the sun, and an animated piece-by-piece construction of the 2008 Olympic Stadium in China.

Breathe Into Me (2007)
This video is based on an abandoned plot of land in Brooklyn. A very small portion of brownsites such as this, have been enrolled in a relatively new government cleanup program. In this looping animation, the individual parts of a dilapidated building (pillars, sign, garage doors, etc.) arrange themselves to form the completed structure. At that time, these parts reverse the process and dissolve their arrangement.

DirectorDustin Klare


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