Evy Schubert - Celebration of post soviet bondage

1:53, 2013, Experimental
"Zelebration postsowjetischer Hörigkeit" (Celebration of post-soviet Bondage) adapts the vision put forth by the German sociologist Max Weber that every individual is being ruled by the exterior rational, bureaucratic and capitalistic forces of the modern states.
In this video work this fear is connected to the sentient individual lost in the post-soviet state of imprisonment and inflexibility, where the bondage of old rules competes with the demands of Western economic and democratic state systems.
The video is a comment on the political and sociological transformation processing since the end of the Cold War.

HD, 01:53 min, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2012.

Copyright by Evy Schubert
DirectorEvy SchubertProducerEvy SchubertWriterEvy SchubertCameraEvy SchubertEditorEvy SchubertCrewEvy Schubert

CountryGermanyEdition2013 ScreeningsNODE13 Forum for Digital Arts, Frankfurter Kunstverein, 2013

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