Elizabeth Riley - Dragons of iceland

3:40, 2011, Video Art
After a struggle with oppressive forces, the dragon is released.
While there is a DIY comic element to the video, DRAGONS OF ICELAND mirrors a struggle with oppressive forces whose origins is in personal struggles with oppression, but also can be said to reflect contemporary dilemmas such as the economic downturn/collapse both in Iceland where the video was made while on the SIM Residency, as well as in the US which is my home country.

The video was shot and edited in my studio in Reykjavik, which I occupied for the month of May, 2011. The actors or entities and architectural setting have been cobbled together from the furnishings in my studio at the SIM Residency, and from inkjet printed video stills which I brought with me. The scenes including industrial machinery were clips from an expedition to a wool factory outside of Reykjavik that was undertaken with fellow residents.

When I returned from the Iceland to New York City I made a sculpture/installation that expands on the video. The materials are chairs, plywood and video stills, and including 6 embedded video elements-the DRAGONS OF ICELAND video, and 5 clips or altered clips from the video.

DirectorElizabeth RileyCameraElizabeth RileyEditorElizabeth Riley

CountryUSAEdition2011 Screeningspneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, SIM Residency, Reykjavik Iceland; May 27, 2011

VIDEO ALCHEMY — Elizabeth Riley & Jeanne Wilkinson, Creon Gallery, New York, NY; June 15, 2011

FICTION IS FACT, Studio Salon, Curated by David Gibson, New York, NY; Sept 14-17, 2011

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