Gad Hollander - Depth of matter

47:04, 2012, Experimental
The title derives from a statement made by Dr Tara Shears at the launch of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. She claimed: “We will be able to see deeper into matter than ever before.” Although she was speaking about particle physics, her words nevertheless evoke certain metaphysical issues: how “deep” is matter? How do we “see” into it? How do we describe or measure it? Questions that highlight ancient dichotomies between physics and metaphysics, for which this film/poem attempts to find aesthetic resolutions by exploring, for example, the messianic idea in train stations and our manner of waiting.
“Waiting is an art. At the moment I am merely passing the time, not waiting. Later, when the time is right, I will wait.” We wait & we wait, we depart or arrive, and then... we wait again. Are we merely practising patience or waiting for a Messiah who seems forever held in abeyance, perpetually postponed? We become a metaphor for ourselves: an individual, a group of tourists, a social or ethnic group, a people, a nation. Regardless of the social category circumscribing our identity or the spiritual heights we reach by religious means, we are forever bound by the physical, and it is during those undefined periods of waiting that we experience most acutely the “depth” of matter in every sense.
DirectorGad Hollander

CountryUnited KingdomLanguageEnglishEdition2014 GreenBudgetNo budget

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