Gyung Jin Shin - Gray hive

4:35, 2013, Experimental
Humanity, forever, dreamed of an ever-young life, and achievements in scientific technology raised life expectancy up to 100 years. However, the question remains as to whether our happiness was also extended alongside increased life expectancy. When talking about the future, we are inclined to think of fancy technologies, however, the realistic future we face might actually be that of elderly loneliness.

I create an imaginary space by grafting the ecology of bees on to the actual living condition of the elderly living alone. Adding a roof-shaped form underneath a typical house figure results in a beehive structure; such routine, efficient and scientific repetitiveness soon takes on a closed nature-one that is difficult to break down-and become a living space for the old and lonely. Age-related degeneration causes the elderly to form different worlds of living, just as implied by the rather contradictory term ’forced leisure’, which fills up a large part of elderly life pattern. Similarly, honeybees build hives with wax that is produced by their own bodies.

In the performance video, the old woman also takes daily rationed wax coins, and repeats the act of melting and wallpapering to gradually thicken the wall. The situation in which the nature of order and rule-that is supposed to create and maintain by themselves-shackling themselves becomes a black comedy, without a clue of whether to laugh or cry.
DirectorGyung Jin ShinWriterGyung Jin Shin

CountryKorea (South)LanguageN/ASubtitlesEnglishEdition2014 Green

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