Ger Ger - Luxor 22.145

3:00, 2007, Video Art
SOUND NOMADS Performance #7

As planned - a m/hotel performance went down in Vegas. Luxor: rooms 4455, employees 4000, casino 120,000 square feet, 250 miles visible Xenon light shot. Room No. 22.145: sensor equipped bending matresses, sound generating moving chairs, pitch shifting ironing and flickering lights.

Technology: Lamps become sound triggers and pitch shifters by means of light sensors, irons turn into turntables through pressure sensors, chairs become free-moving VST instruments through sensor combinations. Mattresses (bend it over), drawers (open/close), closet doors, curtains (movements) and the TV set (light intensity of a selected channel) become a sampler ... This performance consists of seven essentially different superstructures and interactive scenarios. A night in the luxury hotel becomes a performance night.
DirectorGer GerProducerGer GerCameraGer GerEditorGer GerCrewJakob Kort

CountryAustriaEdition2008 ScreeningsRencontres internationales paris/berlin/madrid.
video art festival miden, kalamata, athens, greece.
electric rats dream video dreams, celje, slovenia.
AwardsGolden rat - electric rats dream video dreams special award

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