Ger Ger - Lantern dogs

2:09, 2007, Video Art
SOUND NOMADS Performance #10

Los Angeles dogs and puppies. Sidewalks - rich, poor, famous, empty. Beverly Hills lost and found in translation. Who is the dog - we are what we do. Watch out for the sweet and lovely lamp posts - in broad light, by day and by night.

Technology: With the help of some self-developed RT noise generators, the lamp post become playable through distance sensors. Live audio inputs and master track round off the setting.


SOUND NOMADS is comprised of a combination of sound art, music, public art, performance, interactive installations as well as video. The constant search for noises, sounds and rhythms lies as central to SOUND NOMADS as the creation of ephemeral interactive sensor based playgrounds.

SOUND NOMADS actions mainly consists of three steps:

COLLECT -> site specific sound huntings/field recordings on and off the nomad way

PROCESS -> creation of sound/music scores, programming, hardware settings

REFLECT -> backtrack compositions, art performances/video.

Entire squares, hotspots, fields, meadows, ponds and patterns from day to day life are instrumentalized, and played. Surrounding objects get networked. Manholes become recording studios; hot tubs, resonating objects; the movements of persons, time bases; lampposts or mailboxes take the place of instrument strings and keys. The actual noises of objects lose their meaning and get replaced by triggered melodies/samples or generated tones. Contrasts, oppositions, and irritations are being created.

Complex high-tech settings and precise triggering of sensors lead to SOUND NOMADS performances. Their realtime generated sounds are part of the resulting videos. The technical equipment mainly consists of sensors, midi/audio interfaces, laptops, software, microphones, props, photo and video gear. The videos document the actual process of the performances. Only a minimum of video editing, image enhancements, audio restoration. No audio editing, no additional sound fx or instruments, no music compositions in post production AFTER a performance took place. Also, video and audio recordings stay in sync in post production.

SOUND NOMADS ventures to artistically reflect on situations of everyday life and site-specific impressions as directly as possible; acoustically, aesthetically, and in respect of content. This project should not be an influenced work AFTER a trip but rather should facilitate a constant and direct/authentic/emotional artistic flow with change of location as a direct source of inspiration. Nomadism as an essential and driving element.
DirectorGer GerProducerGer GerCameraGer GerEditorGer GerCrewJakob Kort

CountryAustriaEdition2008 ScreeningsElectric rats dream video dreams, celje, slovenia.AwardsGolden rat - electric rats dream video dreams special award

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