Gisbert Stach - Fitting

2:58, 2010, Experimental
A woman sits in front of a mirror and fine pieces of jewellery are brought to her and put around her neck. As in a fitting, several models are presented and put on, while the necklaces previously put on are not taken off. Gradually, more and more necklaces pile up around her neck and head. The initial elation and ease of decorating gives way to burden and impediment. Instead of emphasising the fine necklines, an ungainly shape emerges. Heaviness and weight show in the models posture and facial expressions. The wearer of the burdensome jewellery finally collapses.
Generally speaking, jewellery underlines a womans beauty and elegance and, through its value, stresses her social status.
This video sequence shows the absurdity of adornments. Instead of being a light adornment, it becomes a threat for the wearer, literally suffocating her.
DirectorGisbert StachProducerGisbert Stach


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