Haris Bilajbegovic - Svjedok - the witness

42:00, 2012, Documentary
This film is based on a true story that happened during the war between Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some of the participants in this film lived through this terrible experience personally. Rajif Begić, the witness, plays himself in this film. Through his strong will, commitment and courage he testified at the Haag tribunal committee and the Superior Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina against the Serbian war criminals. On May 31, 1992, the Tschetniks invaded and took control of the village of Begići and the neighboring villages. All the men were assembled and forced to march toward the Vrhpolje bridge. On the way to the bridge, some of his neighbors and his younger brother were killed in cold blood by Jadranko Palija. The men were forced into lines on the bridge and one after the other assassinated. They were forced to jump off the bridge into the river. Once in the water, they were shot by the Tschetniks. In December 1994, the International Criminal Court for former Yugoslavia took the case and filed 161 indictments. It was not until 2011 that the last two of those war criminals were captured in Serbia! Ratko Mladić, the most wanted war criminal in Europe, was caught on the 26th of May and Goran Hadžić on the 20th of July.
DirectorHaris BilajbegovicProducerIlluminati FilmWriterHaris BilajbegovicCameraStefan TauberEditorRamon Rigoni

CountryAustriaSubtitles---Edition2012 ScreeningsThis is the first...AwardsThis is one of the first film festivals.

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