Hans Gindlesberger - Border town

4:13, 2008, Animation
Border Town was conceived in response to a recent relocation, in which I found myself living in a city that is situated on the border of three states, one of which is my home state.
While physically transcending these borders is part of daily life in the area, I found the artifice of the border an uncanny impediment to the act of returning home.
Lacking a visible trace, its latent presence in the landscape is nonetheless persuasive in constructing a psychological boundary. This work and the performance therein is an attempt to account for the residual effects of separation, whether that distance in between is imposed on, or manufactured by, the individual.
DirectorHans Gindlesberger

CountryUSAEdition2009 Screenings"Being Absent" Artspace. Buffalo, New York. 2008

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