Houman Einollahi - The one who said no...the one who said yes!

39:00, 2009, Documentary
Since Iran is a religious and traditional country, choosing a spouse usually is done the traditional way. but some people would like to choose their spouse in a less traditional manner and more with today’s customs, which is in contrast with the traditional and Iranian customs.
DirectorHouman EinollahiProducerAmir Abedi / Houman EinollahiCameraHouman EinollahiEditorHouman EinollahiCrewProduction Manager: Ehsan Amiri
Assistant Director & Photo: Khalil Nikpour
Photographer & Editor: Houman Einollahi
Sound Recorder: Moayed Ashouri
Sound Designer & Mix: Houman Einollahi
Music: Selected works of H. Alizadeh & P. Yazdanian
Animation: Morteza Haghgoo
Technical Support: AXO Film
Investors: Amir Abedi, Ehsan Amiri, Houman Einollahi

CountryIranSubtitlesEnglishEdition2010 ScreeningsIran international documentary film festival - 2009AwardsDiploma winner for best film.

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