Hagackure Hagackure - The first fall

3:08, 2010, Experimental
Hagackure, created and produced by Giuseppe Pisasale, is an Italian project that was defined like one of the most provocateur and innovative artistic project of the last years: banned in many countries, attacked or loved by psychiatrics, informatics, and, first of all, art critics of more than 25 different countries.
In order to analyze the most intimate and distressing human frustrations, Hagackure introduces an unique and innovative artistic language that entwines illegal and operative Hacker Attack codes with instinctive and subliminal signals (with great psychological impact).
The name Hagackure is a joining of two terms, each one creates the basis of our research path: hagakure and hacker. These two words represent two parallel worlds or two different types of warriors that, in spite of their different external manifestations, fight to give birth to the same mental provocations.


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