Husmann Tschaeni - Oh, its an eerie frost

10:00, 2010, Experimental
The performance “oh it’s an eerie frost” was first shown in March 2010, in the mountains in Switzerland.
Two kids walk through the snow to their favourite place, next to a „carpet-see-snow-creature“, where they find red juice and candy cake.
They start to sing a song and the creature starts to move.
At the end they put the honeycomb part of their costumes in the snow and crawl under the “carpet-see-snow-creature”
DirectorHusmann TschaeniProducerHusmann TschaeniCameraMartina Rieder, Mathias VetterCrewWith: Zama und Nalo Tschaeni
Idea, performance, requisites & music: Husmann / Tschaeni


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