Harald Scherz - Insideout

17:04, 2011, Experimental
INSIDEOUT (2010/~17min/HD/1080p/harald scherz)

INSIDEOUT is inspired by the work of Min Tanaka, who founded a new approach to movement and space in 1985 in japan. he called his way "body weather" - referring to the body as a constantly changing organism aware of its physical surrounding. following the idea of dancing the space rather than dancing in the space, body weather is more a way of perceiving and interpreting reality, rather than another category of dance.

INSIDEOUT features people in their individual movements - portrayed in full awareness of the natural setting and the infinite network of inside and outside. the camera joins the movements of the protagonists, the spectator becomes the partner of action and is able to leave the realm of pure cinematographic voyeurism. emotions rooted deep within trigger the body to move - the camera follows along the narration, body and landscape create. the films soundtrack provides the common ground of interaction, pulsive and intensive.

At its peak INSIDEOUT emphasis on the fire - within: female and male energies get in motion while spiritual and sexual powers unfold, reaching out for suprimacy.

DirectorHarald ScherzProducerHarald ScherzCameraHarald ScherzEditorHarald Scherz


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