Igor Katrach - Russell james hughes band - explode

3:26, 2010, Music video
The video centers on a girl’s obsession with her favorite band, "The Bad Spells," and at the same time the band is featured performing the song. It begins with several establishing shots of bustling New York City and the interior of the female’s apartment as we hear the murmur of city noises. We see the screen of a computer as she scrolls up to play "Explode" on the band’s fan page. Once play is clicked, the music comes to life and we first see the band beginning their one on one performance for their special audience member. The female appears first "strutting her stuff" as she tries on several different pairs of shoes while enjoying "Explode" the video, on screens all around her apartment. She does her hair and her makeup as she dances in the mirror envisioning the fun night ahead of her. As the video cuts back and forth between her and the band, she continues to hold up different outfits trying to decide which one best fits her mood. After finally selecting the perfect wardrobe we see her walk around a corner and approach the camera in the hallway of her apartment building. The elevator arrives and as the music stops and the city sounds return, the door opens to reveal her favorite band standing inside facing her and the camera. She does not miss a beat. She enters the elevator, turns around and the door closes.
DirectorIgor KatrachProducerIgor KatrachCameraIgor KatrachEditorIgor Katrach

CountryUSAEdition2013 AwardsTelly awards

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