Nung Hsin Nung Hsin - Dish

2:00, 2012, Experimental
Nung-Hsin Hu was born 1981 in Taiwan. She has been leaving and working in New York since 2006. Hu primarily has been working in sculpture, installation, and video. She has exhibited in the U.S. and abroad. She received the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning’s Van Lier Fellowship, Taipei Artist Village’s Boundary-Break-Through Project Grant, the NYFA-Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists and the fellowships from the I-Park residency, CT, the Casa das Caldeiras residency in São Paulo, Brazil, as well as the Taipei Artist Village residency in Taipei, Taiwan. From 2008 she has been involved with a collective video group - Exquisite crops video projects and Traffic Jam. Currently she is working on one project with Traffic Jam member called “bedtime stories” which inspired by the residency in Taiwan - Treasure Hill.

This performative video inspired by the Chinese traditional banquet round eating table which has a spinning part in the middle. This spinning part of table emphasizes the concept of gathering and sharing. The way how people use it represents the ethics and moral standard. Artist place herself as the spinning dish to express those relationships from different point of view.
DirectorNung-hsin HuProducerNung-hsin Hu


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