Orsolya Bajusz - Bela der dekorator

0:00, 2012, Experimental
Adventures of a house decorator, a story of power dynamics, political agendas and an ongoing identity crisis. An attempt to appropriate together a pixellated mixed media inventory of the aesthetics of my own childhood and adulthood, and reflect through this process on the nature and boundaries of fiction and counter-fiction, all set int the context of a major paradigm shift in society and culture. // Not a love story. The characters who haunted me through growing up in a turmoil of a changing and radicalized society. Humiliating and dragging through the dirt my "other", to purge my "self" through industrious work on my own counter-fiction against the official, nothing less bizarre explanation of the world deemed "authentic". "Other" is a gender-ambiguous house-decorator suffering in identity crisis caused by his incapability to adapt to the dominant, yet surreal and threatening middle class-ness , a bizarre revisionist nightmare for some who still cherish childhood nostalgia for agendas of modernity like housing estates and tinned food. The "Other", Bela, does not have it easy, his bosses at the Ministry of Culture and Education are heavily engaged in political activism, and wish to utilize his D.I.Y. gluegun-skills, through mind control and abuse of authority, to shape the physical world according to their own idealist concepts.
DirectorOrsolya BajuszWriterBajusz/nagy V.gergoCameraGergely PapaiCrewBeata Kiss, Nicole Weniger


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