Oskar Sulowski - Die unschuldigen

36:00, 2013, Fiction
Eight-year-old Jakub lives alone with his mother, Helena. Recently, Helena has met a man, Milan, who happens to be a small time drug dealer. After his arrest she regularly visits him in prison and occasionally works for him as a courier. Following his release, she imagines that she might just be a little closer to her dream of a happy family and a real home. All at once many things seem easier, even her drug runs, now that Milan is there to look after Jakub. But then one of Milan’s clients turns up at the flat. The situation soon escalates and Jakub is obliged to watch as Milan beats up their guest. When Helena returns, Milan has disappeared and Jakub is hiding in his mother’s room. The hastily wiped traces of blood in the bathroom tell her something bad must have happened ...
DirectorOskar SulowskiCrewIza Kala, Clemens Schick, Juri Winkler

CountryGermanyLanguageGermanSubtitlesEnglishEdition2014 RedScreenings04.12.2013 * 7th GRAND OFF FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Poland)
06.02.2014 * 64th BERLIN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Perspektive Deutsches Kino, Germany)
25.04.2014 * 6th PRISHTINA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Republic of Kosova)
02.08.2014 * 10th INDPANDA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, China)
10.08.2014 * SHORTS AT MOONLIGHT (Competition, Mainz, Germany)
28.08.2014 * 19th PORTOBELLO FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, London, UK)
09.10.2014 * 2nd INTERNATIONAL MENTAL HEALTH FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Portugal)
13.10.2014 * 14th NICE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (European Competition, France)
11.11.2014 * 3rd FAMILY FICTION FILM PROJECT (Official Selection, Porto, Portugal)
19.11.2014 * 8th KURZFILMFESTIVAL KÖLN - UNLIMITED (Competition, Germany)
22.11.2014 * FILMZ - FESTIVAL DES DEUTSCHEN KINOS (medium-length Competition, Mainz, Germany)

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