Olga Koroleva - Dialogues

5:13, 2011, Experimental
Dialogues is an ongoing series of text and video works inspired by the banality of the everyday and our tendency of giving away personal information in a public context. Part 1 features a series of typed text complied from dialogues overheard and recorded directly during the conversation, those written down from memory, and those written as a reaction to the immediate context, at different times. Akin to the type of screenplay writing it is shown in conjunction with part 2, where two figures are seen sat at a table (not showing here); both parts are set to unsynchronized loop, meaning no particular part of the text is directly linked with any par of the image - instead there is a possible connection and a question of one belonging to the other. 
DirectorOlga KorolevaProducerOlga Koroleva


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