Opie Imwinkelried - Placenta

4:00, 2007, Experimental
Images of jean vigo’s taris le roi de l’eau juxtaposed with those of a crystal ball juggler convey a playful image of men in contra position with the words on the screen. this video is based on the concept of placental economy developed by luce irigaray. according to irigaray, the placental economy is one of differentiation between two organisms. thus, she challenges traditional conceptions of pregnancy that either claim that the pregnant woman and the fetus have a fusional relationship or perceive the fetus as a parasite. irigaray’s concept of the placental economy also challenges lacan’s conception since he claims that differentiation between mother and child only occurs with the enforcement of the name of the father. irigaray claims that it is precisely the placenta, a formation of the embryo, the organ that plays a mediating role between the two organisms, fostering a non-parasitical and non-fusional relationship. on the contrary, this, the primal model of a relationship, is based on exchange and communication. thus, irigaray envisions intersubjectivity in clear opposition to the hegelian tradition, which involves hostility, alienation, dominance, and servitude for the self to be recognized by and differentiated from the other.
DirectorOpie Boero Imwinkelried ProducerOpie Boero Imwinkelried WriterOpie Boero Imwinkelried CameraOpie Boero Imwinkelried EditorOpie Boero Imwinkelried

CountryFranceSubtitlesenglishEdition2008 ScreeningsLpm (live performers meeting)
2008, may 29-june 1
rome, italy
newfest 2008: the new york lesbian, gay, bisexual, &
transgender film festival
2008, june 5-15
new york, usa
het entrepot
2007, september
brugge, belgium

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