Qi You - Tang er duo

4:00, 2013, Video Art
“tang er duo” in Chinese is a disappearing traditional authentic local snack in Beijing.

Not every one can remember it though, It tastes sweet and soft.

The sound parts are also edited from representative Beijing’s local street disappearing sounds from my memory.

Such as: Hearing pigeon whistles when wake up in the morning,

Cricket sounds at summer night,

Old people do exercise with Chinese Yo-Yo in play ground,

Boring Cicada sound at summer noon,

Peddlers,small business man selling their staffs in a shouting voice for their small business,

But today, it is hard to hear these typical sounds that clearly again by people’s changed life style.

With those a little sadly feeling, I put a positive sounds which is people beating drums in ceremony as the ending.

In this work, in the whole creating process, it really heals me.
DirectorQi You


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