Sebastien Senechal - Ather

3:56, 2011, Video Art
This is my attempt to stop time, liquid, which slides between our fingers. And I am seduced, I see, but what I see and which seduces me, I cannot seize it... The image shies away, waves, evaporates. The image of a "that was", the image which is not the thing but attests of the absence. "Aether" is a proposition composed of fragments, archives, memory chips and traces of the past.
DirectorSebastien Senechal

CountryFranceEdition2013 ScreeningsMai 2011 - Festival d’Oodaaq (France) Novembre 2010 - "Dé-charge Vidéo" - Association "L’Oeil d’Oodaaq"

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