Su Tomesen - Away

54:00, 2006, Documentary
Su Tomesen is a visual artist and director of videos from The Netherlands, based in Amsterdam.
Originally a historian, Tomesen has an M.A. from the University of Utrecht. She worked as a director and a researcher for television companies like the Dutch IKON and MTV Europe.
In 2000 she started both her company SU ME PRODUCTIONS and an art-practice. She makes videos and does installations and interventions in public space. In the installations the presence of, and interactivity with, the audience plays an important part. Her videos, often dealing with public space, and photos are shot in cities in the Netherlands, Japan, Egypt and Cuba.
The reports and documentary videos are assigned by various companies. She works in the field of arts and (youth) culture. Next to directing and researching videos she also films and edits pieces.
DirectorSu Tomesen


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