Sergej Kreso - A symphony for a street musician

10:00, 2004, Documentary
Faruk Karabegovic is a street musician. Every Saturday he stands there, on the small square in Roermond, playing for the occasional passer by. Faruk has become a bit of a local attraction over the years, people sympathize with a man playing a flute. But very few know that he was not always a street musician. Back in his homeland, Faruk was the first soloist of the Sarajevo symphonic orchestra. In the early nineties, during the war in Bosnia, he arrived in Holland as a refugee. During his stay in the refugee centre, expecting the war in Bosnia to end, he began to play on the street. Ten years later, Faruk is still in Holland and still playing as a street musician.

"Symphony for a Street Musician" - like a real symphony - consists of four parts. In each of these four parts, one aspect of Faruk’s life is put under a magnifying glass.

The central theme of the first part is the job of being a street musician, in the second part it is Faruk’s memories of Sarajevo and the war, in the third part he takes us into his world of dreams and ideals (in the house where Ludwig van Beethoven was born) and in the fourth part Faruk is trying to reconcile everything that has happened to him and his life.
DirectorSergej KresoProducerSergej Kreso

CountryBosnia and HerzegovinaEdition2006

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