Sergio Cruz - Animalz

3:20, 2006, Experimental
Animalz is an exuberant fantasy in which boys emerge from the sea, like the original amphibians, and colonise a forest, marking out their territory in a break-dance celebration of Nature and her feral sons.
The film takes the urban B-Boy skills of Brighton and Hove’s B3 Boys into the city’s surrounding natural landscapes, where the sixteen 8-14 year-old dancers were encouraged to bring out the animal in themselves in their energetic performances.
Animalz evokes ancient legends of wild children such as the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus and the Indian boy Mowgli who were raised in the wilderness by animals. While the work proposes the possibility of redemption through communion with our animal natures, it also offers a utopian antidote to the contemporary social reality that kids have no were to play- safely.
DirectorSergio CruzProducerSouth East DanceWriterSergio CruzCameraSergio Cruz, Ed CooperEditorSergio CruzzCrewCredits:
director & editor: Sergio Cruz
performers: b3- brighton youth dance company
producer: Ed Cooper/ south east dance
choreographer: JP Omari, Sergio Cruz
camera operators: Ed Cooper, Marcin Gajewski and Sergio Cruz
stills: Hanna Korhonen
sound capture: Christos Fanaras
sound design: Sergio Cruz, Christos Fanaras, Filipe Galante
wardrobe: Alexandra Groover
make-up: Nnaomi Saito, Tomoko Yamamoto
production manager: Clea Smith, Ed Cooper
co-production: channel4, south east dance; youth dance England, England arts council and screen south.

CountryPortugalEdition2008 Screenings2011:
-Dublin Culture Night, Ireland.
- Contemporary art center of Almada, Portugal.
-National Center for Contemporary Art of Moscow, Russia.
- Film festival Jumping Frames, China.
- U.dance South East event, England.
- The Module Dance, Dansehallerne Copenhagen, Denmark.
- La TOHU, Montréal (extension on-line film festival idill), Canada.
Group showcase Figuring landscape at Tate Modern, London then tours the UK and Australia through 2009.
Uk Tour: to Showroom, Sheffield; Chapter Arts, Cardiff; Cinematheque, Brighton; Bureau, Salford; Dundee Contemporary Arts; Vivid, Birmingham; Hull Short Film Festival; FACT, Liverpool.
Australian dates to be confirmed.
- Festival of independent dance The Romp! (Dance on Camera Festival tour to Vancouver), Canada.
- New forms festival State-X, Netherlands.
- Dance film festival Montage- FNB Dance Umbrella Festival, South Africa.
- Dance film festival du Breuil, France.
- Dance film festival Il Coreografo Elettonico, Italy.
- Dance film festival Il Sao Carlos, Spain.
- Moving Virtual Bodies Project, Italy.
- International Student Film Festival Early Melons, Slovakia.
- Experimental film and video showcase Siberia Film Night, England.
- Siberia Film Night showcase at Glastonbury Festival, England.
- Film showcase at Havant Arts Centre, England.
- Film showcase at Talisen Arts Centre, England.
- Athens video art festival. Greece.
- 2009: Video showcase Open Arts Café, England.
TV- Channel 4 in the Dance 4 Film programme, United Kingdom.
- TV- Channel 33 (Canal 33), Territoris Dansa programme, Spain.
- TV- The ABC in Artscape, Australia.
- NPS Broadcast screening, Netherlands.
- Computer Arts Graduate Showcase, England.
- Video showcase at Rotoreliefs Ltd, England.
- Video showcase F.R.I.K. Republic of Macedonia.
- Video showcase Adição+, Portugal.
- Collective exhibition, MO>VI Arte, Italy.
- Show case of emerging video artists at Candid Galleries, England.
- Collective exhibition Olympolis Art Project, Greece.
- Video art festival VIDEOHOLICA, Bulgaria.
- Gallery Art-Claims-Impulse, Germany
- Exhibition space for screen-based public art, film/video Bigger Picture, England.
- The annual show from M.A. Art Universities at The Atkinson gallery, England.
- Beyond Film Festival, England.
- Shoot festival, Sweden.
- Lille Short Film Festival, France.
- Audio visual art festival Streaming, Netherlands.
- New talent in moving image festival Exposures, England.
- Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, Switzerland.
- Young film festival Cinemadamare, Italy.
- FIAAP Performing Arts on Screen Festival, Portugal.
- São Carlos Videodance Festival, Brazil.
- Dance film festival Dance on Camera, USA.
- Dance film festival dança em foco, Brazil.
- Dance film festival Frame, Portugal.
Portuguese young creators exhibition Jovens Criadores, Portugal.
- Fair of Culture in Zagreb, Croatia.
- Degree show at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, England.
- Group show 11.472, England.
- Group show Maximum 10 Kg, Portugal.
- Media Art Festival Friesland, Netherlands.
- Art exhibition ArtExpo Liquid room, Ljubljana.
- Independent film festival IndieLisboa, Portugal.
- Short film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany.
- Film multimedia and music festival Número- Projecta 07, Portugal.
- Film festival Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal.
- Film festival Arouca, Portugal.
- Festival Temps dImages (Dance Film show case curated by Alberto Magno), Portugal.
- Seoul International Film Festival, South Korea.
- Film festival Cineport, Brazil.
- Festival Images Contre Nature, France.
- IndieLisboa show case curated by Mercês Gomes and Miguel Valverde, France.
- Show case Noite dos Realizadores curated by Cineclube do Porto, Portugal.
- Video-dance showcase, 15th Almada Contemporary Dance Festival, Portugal.
- Dance film festival VideoDance, Greece.
- Dance film festival Dança Sem Sombra, Portugal.
- Dance film festival dance screen The Hague 2007, Netherlands.
- Dance film festival Screendance Basel, Switzerland.
- Dance film Festival Dancing in The Dark, Sweden.
- Dance film festival Dance for Camera, England.
TV- Channel 4 in the Three Minute Wonder series, United Kingdom.
Awards2010: -Best video art in the Film & Video Art festival Primeiras, Portugal. 2008: -Nominated for the award of best artist film in the new talent in moving image festival Exposures, England. 2007: -Best short film in the international video festival T

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