Stefano Fanara - Alone

4:05, 2011, Video Art
Alone, Stefano Fanara 2011 video art wants to be a synthesis of existential loneliness of the event, understood as an issue of performance and action between man and nature. The video has already been submitted to the Foundation Romaeuropa Rew video contest ( http://romaeuropa.net ) of Telecom Italy.
DirectorStefano Fanara ProducerStefano Fanara WriterStefano Fanara CameraStefano Fanara And Antonio MatinaEditorStefano Fanara CrewLocation Dodecaneso Island, Kenya, Bologna, Italy 2011
Video Editing 2011
Room: Stefano Fanara
Directory of Photografy: Stefano Fanara
Sound: Level 67
video assistent: Antonio Matina
Editing: Stefano Fanara

CountryItalyEdition2011 ScreeningsFoundation Romaeuropa Rew video contest (http://romaeuropa.net ) of Telecom Italy.AwardsFinalist Foundation Romaeuropa Rew video contest

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