Soonmi Oh - Chaos fractal

2:00, 2012, Video Art
Stepping in the aisle created with mirrors named as Chaos Fractal, viewers encounter an endless space spread right and left in this finite space. There appears boundless abyss that seems to absorb everything upward and downward, and geometrical patterns repeat endlessly right and left of the space. Illuminating the lights and images permeated among these patterns on this mirror, the narrow passage transforms as an infinitely spreading universe. This passage, a pathway like a chaotic world, starts to move regularly by the footsteps of viewers. In this place installed with interactive tools, the random images change by their footsteps’ sound; lights gather or scatter. Meaning, there becomes a regulation that ’footstep’s sound creates a certain change of light and image’ although they do not form a specific figure. It brings up an image of the process that a chaotic world forms physical orders after a big bang - a viewer sets foot on it for the first time. It means that viewers create a new universe with their own acts.

The patterns on the mirrors are composed with basic geometrical forms of circles and squares to visualize mysterious truths of the universe in order and harmony. These transparent patterns are also a means for crossing-over the interior and the exterior world. The square forms engraved on the mirrors depict the ’yin’ world, a world of ’yi(理)’ based on feminine principles, and exhibit a world view of materiality. On the contrary, the circular patterns exhibit the ’ji(智),’ a spiritual world based on masculine principles, and have a conflicting composition with the square symbols. Square forms are arranged toward the four directions from the circle at the center, and smaller circles are carved on its outer places. This couple of patterns are fused to depict another pattern of the combination of ’yi’ and ’ji,’ a united world of the physical and the mental. The central figure created by the text of the door, ’mun(門),’ toward the four directions, symbolizes a door connecting the virtual world with the real world.
DirectorOh SoonmiCamera4artCrewYoo Kwangyoel

CountrySouth KoreaEdition2012

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