Stephane Leonard - Bodi bill - what?

4:22, 2011, Music video
‚What‘ is a music video for the band Bodi Bill.
‚What‘ is the story of four young friends on a journey to a magical portal that opens during an eclipse. The four friends emerge from the night and transform themselves from nocturnal creatures into their human day form and back again when passing through the portal. The video captures the repetitive cycle of nature and refers to electronic music‘s rhythmic repetitions. The ambivalence of Bodi Bill‘s sound and the seamless meshing of electronic & hand-crafted music are echoed in contrast between the night‘s colorful electric lights and the sun‘s warm daylight. It is here the life of a city dweller meets with Mother Nature, longing for a place away from inner and outer walls.
The trip takes the friends through fields and forests and then to a rainbow bubble which beams one of the young men to a new place with three new companions. Once he arrives he finds himself on a boat floating on water, then in the middle of a field before finally departing towards the solar eclipse.
The idea for the video was loosely inspired by Tarkovsky‘s Stalker and other minimalist science fiction stories. Forur people are on a journey through a magical place without reference to the time or country. All around from the trees, the grass to the water seem real and alien at the same time. The clothing of the characters are both uniform and individual, futuristic yet with a touch of 80s chick. Not costumes but neither every day clothes. Their movements are slow and dreamy. Their eyes are open and ready for adventure and new discoveries yet slightly introspective and unworldly. The environment seems strangely familiar, like a place one revisits in memories but with time having wiped out all the details. This trip is indeed taking place, however, it is not clear whether these are the memories of a long gone summer day or an actual journey from the night into the day and back again.
DirectorStephane LeonardProducerStephane Leonard, Martin Eichhorn, Bodi Bill, SinnbusWriterStephane Leonard, Martin Eichhorn, Fabian FenkCameraClaudio PfeiferEditorStephane LeonardComposerBodi BillCrewcamera assistance: Mario Krause
light, grip: Benjamin Erdenberger
costumes: Josephin Thomas
costumes & props: Karoline Hinz
set assistance: Luzie Loose & Markus Ellmer
set assistance: Markus Ellmer
actors: Aida, Anna.K.O., Flori, Luzie, Maxi, Philipp, Pierre »Populär«
Bodi Bill: Alex Stolze, Anton Feist, Fabian Fenk

Erfurt crew
light assistance: Oliver Schorch
1.dolly grip: Jonas Kuhn
catering: Ryo Takeda
actors: Nicole, Teresa, Josephine, Stephane, Martin

CountryGermanySubtitles-Edition2012 BudgetLimited budget

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