Vincenzo Vecchio - Ritratti

11:00, 2013, Experimental
A film on migration in its journey dimension, in opposition with the motionlessness of a community that remains sealed in its territory, giving up the idea of being affected by different places and cultures. Travel is a constant interaction and imaginary connection with places that are diverse, yet always the same in their isolation, regardless of whether this isolation is intentional or not. It presents the portraits of several women, as the preferred interlocutors and aa a reference for a possible life.

"The images discovered in historical archives and in our memories bring back to life hidden dynamics, which words or a sounds renew in the light of movement. We analyzed through these images the meaning of space, migration, journey, and possible lives. It is an editorial film that mixes not only real lives, but also imaginary paths created by the possibilities offered by the journey"

CountryItalySubtitlesItalianEdition2013 ScreeningsTorino Film Festival, Italiana.Corti competition, november 23th > december 1st 2012, Torino
Visioni di Cine(ma) Indipendente, march 19th 2013, c/o SpazioTeatro, Reggio Calabria
Vite Impossibili, film exhibition, december 10th 2012, c/o Cinema Aurora, Reggio Calabria

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