Vincenzo Vecchio - Nascita di un maiale elettronico

4:02, 2012, Video Art
’I usually return eternally to the eternal return. Again will be born from a womb, again will be born your skeleton, will walk again every hour of your life until the hour of your amazing death’

"We are interested in investigating the plastic form and materiality of the human body as such. The body as an object in itself, in the non-place of the filmic space, where the human figure assumes a role in relation to the non-place in which it exists"

CountryItalySubtitlesNoneEdition2013 ScreeningsFestival Videoarte del Mediterraneo, september 16th 2012, Mineo
Expo Art c/o Venice DOC Festival, july 13th > 22th 2012, Oderzo
Claudio Bottello Contemporary gallery, november 10th > 25th 2012, Torino
Castel dell’Ovo, october 1st > 22th 2012, Napoli
AwardsBest film at Festival Videoarte del Mediterraneo 2012

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