Vivian Wong - Kill john wayne

6:32, 2007, Animation
John wayne meets his own “heart of darkness”. in reference to the 1968 propaganda film “the green berets” that he made in response to the vietnam war, john wayne engages in a series of tribulations that involve demonstrations of masculinity, autoeroticism, seduction, castration, and necrophilia. for generations, john wayne served as the model for young men and soldiers to follow; further widening the gap between hollywood’s perception of war and war’s reality. this film specifically references the vietnam war era, and the complete inversion of the idyllic american mythologies that john wayne created. vietnam became the nightmarish version of the american dream, and john wayne’s manly frontier idealisms could not be more out of the place. in the end, the “duke” can only engage with reality and history in a perverse way.
DirectorVivian Wong

CountryUSAEdition2008 Screeningso “new experimental works”, other cinema, san francisco, ca.
o “one year anniversary show”, fette’s gallery, los angeles, ca.
o “modern day house of horrors”, artist collective, brooklyn, ny.
o evil city film fest, east village, ny.
o whitehot magazine festival, new york, ny.
o national museum of women in the arts film festival, washington d. c.
o los angeles erotica film festival, los angeles, ca.
o bushwick film festival, brooklyn, ny.
o san diego women’s film festival, san diego, ca.
o “animation attack!”, atlanta underground film festival, atlanta, ga.
o “confessional” screening, gitana rosa, brooklyn, ny.
o “floating world animation festival”, floating world comics, portland, or.
o baltimore women’s film festival, baltimore, md.
o “found” exhibition, voorkamer, lier, belgium.
o "art and design on film series", manifest gallery, cincinnati, oh.
o "spark video international" 2008 screening, spark contemporary art space, syracuse, ny.

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