Vincent Moon - Kozuki tomokawa

27:37, 2010, Documentary
His name is Kazuki Tomokawa... Many years have passed, for me, since I fell under this spell of his but the years definitely have not passed for him; for everyday he grows older he seems shines brighter. Strangely enough my love, also, has lost no vigor and so the time has come for everyone to see what I see and feel what I feel. And what better timing and way than with Moon’s impromptu filming style... and now, a motive has been set. As this feeling grew stronger and stronger, I could not hold back any longer and finally got in touch with Moon and introduced him to the artist Kazuki Tomokawa. It took a while but once I got a response he and I hit it off and talks went down smoothly as all filming ended in March (2009) without a hitch. As a result a small preview is shown on the Take Away Show.

In Japan Tomokawa is known only to a very small community of writers, artists, and dedicated fans. So it will come as no surprise when introduced to the world there will be many people who are not familiar with him or his music. But I have no doubt, in my mind, that those souls will be taken a back by his presence. You see, he is the type of guy who will share jokes with you and then make you laugh but once his creative side comes out it is a total 180. At times his music is hair-raising and at times filled with much despair, but for me nothing can compare to the tenderness and affection filled in all his song
DirectorVincent Moon


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