Vytautas Jurgutis - Metroscan

40:00, 2010, Music video
Composer Vytautas V. Jurgutis - live electronics
Video artist Vacys Nevcesauskas - live video
METROSCAN is an audiovisual performance created by two leading sound and video artists in Lithuania and Baltic States.
The title of the work has derived from Metro, Metropolis, Metronome and similar meanings, these many-sided concepts are digitally objectified and originally developed in this project.
The project is based on a purely digital aesthetics where specially generated visual structures and diligent images interflow and interact with sophisticated electronic music.
Endless layers and textures of purely digital sound balanced on the edge of audibility, peculiar and diverse rhythms - all that represents so called neogard style of Vytautas V. Jurgutis’ music which is easily recognized in this project.
Both artists, working in different fields of the art and with different materials, managed to obtain solid, entirely integral and all-in-one artistic result in this project. Inspired by digital era, the project truly reflects post-urban spirit of nowadays.
Duration of the performance is about 45 minutes (without intermission).
Premiere: 2010 12 01 in Fabric of Arts, Vilnius.
Video extracts: www.youtube.com/user/Metroscan1
DirectorVytautas V. JurgutisProducerVytautas V. JurgutisCrewVytautas V. Jurgutis live electronic and Vaclovas Nevcesauskas live video

CountryLithuaniaEdition2011 ScreeningsLithuanian premiere and performance on 2010 12 01.

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