Vitor Medeiros - Psychic spies from china

10:09, 2011, Experimental
Pedro is a waiter who has Hollywood dreams.
DirectorVitor MedeirosProducerVitor MedeirosWriterVitor MedeirosCameraIrina BychkovaEditorVitor MedeirosCrew-Cast-

Ramír Delgado
Verity Casey
Ryan Butler
Matt Lafferty
Krystal Beerock
Marta Pedriva
Marc Zahn
Tatiana Alonso

Sound Mixer: William Milanes
Script Supervisor: Ana Paula Davim
Assistant Camera: Marc Zahn
Dolly Grip: Gunali Altas
Casting: Marta Pederiva


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What is Psychic Spies From China about?
A film about Los Angeles and the failed dreams.

Who is Vitor Medeiros?

I’m a brazilian filmmaker and film student at Universidade Federal Fluminense (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). My main research is about surrealism and narrative - the limits between the dream and reality in film language.

Could you explain how you work, what themes or concepts you use and what is important to you?

I began to work on Psychic Spies From China during my first days in L.A. I was there for a short-term filmmaking course in NYFA and since the moment I stepped on the city, I felt awkward. My feelings and emotions are somehow translated in the film, that turned out to be one of my assignments for the workshop. The main influence was David Lynch’s cinema, but I also dealed with the immigrant issue and the juxtaposition of many other artistic works in order to bring new meanings to Pedro’s frenzy.

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