Wonwoo Lee - Flesh of flesh

10:00, 2010, Experimental
I record my body experiance that repeat but always have to be different by photogram of X-ray images, laces and underwears. I made a sound for others experiances of my body that I can not see and feel as them with sound recording and export sound from film images.

DirectorWonwoo LeeProducerWonwoo LeeWriterWonwoo LeeCameraWonwoo LeeEditorWonwoo LeeCrewDoona Lee
Eunjung kim
Kyungnan Lee
Hunjung Choi
Hyejung Cho

CountrySouth KoreaSubtitlesEnglish and koreanEdition2011 ScreeningsExperimental film and video festival in Seoul 2010
Seoul indiependant film festival 2010

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