Wooguru Fd - Wooguru free dance

2:53, 2012, Fiction
This is a dance solely for dance’s sake. My dance is grounded in my body and my individuality. I am an inexplicable and absolute individual, considering of innumerable components. It is all those elements in me that make me dance. In order to stay true to myself as much as possible while dancing, I amplify the signals derived from myself to the maximum and turn them into musical elements. To do so, I take advantage of nine separated stages made of iron. They are my stages and my musical instruments. my movements on the stages, and the sounds caused by those movements fill the void, amplified and distorted by the microphones and effects. Iron represents my feelings and tastes in the most concise way. The properties of iron, and what they remind us of. Sharpness, cold, heat, strength, solidness, heaviness. These wards describe my dance.
DirectorWooguruProducerWooguruCameraYajamaEditorWooguruCrewYajama -camera

CountrySouth KoreaEdition2012

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