Yeonjeong Kim - Heat shot 1

12:30, 2008, Experimental
“Heat shot 1” includes the process of deconstruction burning 10 years ago’ s photos and negative films when i learned and made photography at first time and also reveals the process of reconstruction making a new piece, “heat shot” after 10 years later.

it is about the process of deconstruction and reconstruction of an artist’ s personal memory and life and also a question for representing images between emotional memory and material process by the strategy of repetition and difference.
DirectorYeonjeong KimProducerYeonjeong KimCameraYeonjeong KimEditorYeonjeong Kim

CountrySouth KoreaSubtitlesEnglishEdition2008 ScreeningsThe 809 international new image art festival, china abstracta, international cinema exhibition, italy berlin asian hot shots;film&video festival, germany experimental film &video festival in seoul, korea korea experimental arts festival, korea underground art channel off 1, korea

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