Yana Sakellion - The dress

4:38, 2007, Narrative
"The Dress" is a short story about a childhood experience which is both funny and disturbing. Why does one only want to wear black cloth? What does a child do with a life that is trusted to her? This personal narrative may just give you answers.
DirectorYana (ioanna) SakellionProducerYana (ioanna) SakellionWriterYana (ioanna) SakellionCameraYana (ioanna) SakellionEditorYana (ioanna) SakellionCrewYana (Ioanna) Sakellion

CountryUSAEdition2009 Screenings2007, PIXILERATIONS [v.4] (Juried), Providence, RI, USA
2007, Bars and Tone , Stairwell Gallery, Providence RI, USA

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