Yuni Kwon - Let the blues be swept away

4:00, 2010, Experimental
2010 | Digital Projection_Virtual Environment | Data Visualization of Brain Wave : 3D wave & sound, communicated with the EEG data & mapped with ocean wave | Type of Test : EEG electroencephalogram, 2:20PM 3/22/2010
"Let the Blues be swept away" is graphic visualization of the data of brainwave on virtual 3D wave. In the work, human mental activity is naturalized as floating water sky. According to the score of brainwave, the height and fluidity of virtual waves change. Also, tone of sound corresponds with the data of brain waves.

The artistic methodology to reveal the essence of the nature in Human and Nature is exchange their visualites. In the works, Humans have been naturalized and Nature has been humanized. By symbolizing each other and through visualized as equalized patterns, she form a contextual relationship virtually. ;
In "Tide in Mind", Nature mimics Human’s language. Kwon puts words from Virginia Wolf’s novel, ‘Waves,’ on top of the virtual wave from the data. Letters turn to waves are dancing. They are symbolic images showing flow of consciousness and waves imply endless cycle of nature’s rhythm. Wave change transformed to letter flows and emotional movement has become waves. Flow of conscious mind, which could not be understood rationally, is overlapped with cycle of wave flow. It expands metaphorical limits of nature’s nonverbal and phenomenal points through language and letters, while metaphorically visualizing irrational mentality in natural phenomenon. In reverse, in "Let the Blues be swept away", Human mimics language of Nature, by taking image of nature into mind of Human. It is shown that Human is participating in ‘infinite dependence’ rather than reassuring human’s definite position as subject.

Both nature and of human exchange their symbolic codes and expand their definition of nature. The meaning of subject exists not only in human but also in nature which is another subject. The universe is sort of ‘a lover’ whom I become and give meanings, open subject’s sensing and thinking in this infinite area of nature. It is possible through dream and imagination. Subconscious mind between rational and unconscious sense, exploring realistic and virtual zones, is fancies. A dreamer seeks for active fusion of the mutiple subjects who are in one mind.

Based on the proposition that structure of nature and human spirit are connected each other by mirror symmetry that is beyond individual asymmetry, the extensive meanings of the nature in humans and Nature and the relation between them are suggested through works. Also, Projecting complex mental to natural phenomenon, reminds of healing action that expand inner reality to outside, Nature.
DirectorYuni KwonProducerYuni KwonWriterYuni KwonCameraYuni KwonEditorYuni KwonCrewYuni Kwon

CountrySouth KoreaEdition2011

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