Video artists

Simone Stoll

3:11, 2012, Experimental

Emerge The image merges a view onto emerald green water with traveling clouds, a moving person in a confined space. The fixed camera shows first a women’s back, she reaches u..
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Seraphina Samet
Empathy with trees

3:19, 2008, Experimental

‘Empathy with Trees’ is a commentary on the filmmaker’s experience of school, and being a tree in the school play: “Ive always thought Id be a natural on stage- even though..
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Sindre Péladeau
Espace vide

2:30, 2006, Experimental

Decortication d-un accident entre une voiture et un piéton. Decortication of an car accident.
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Sergio Cruz

5:15, 2009, Experimental

Tracing a path from ancient customs to contemporary social interaction, this film demonstrates the unifying force of music and dance. Somewhere between a dance movie and a document..
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Sandrine Deumier

16:04, 2015, Experimental

Evocation of a post-animism tendency of virtual realities, "ExterPark" questions the possibility of the reappropriation of a pre-human naturality - under the shape of a dreamlike n..
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Sandrine Deumier

2:51, 2015, Experimental

"Delete yourself" Nothing will have taken place that the game.
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Shota Gamisonia
Field clown apple

10:00, 2008, Fiction

The film tells a story of a boy Georgie who lives by the sea and dreams of becoming a sailor. The author ponders about the places where our dreams take us, and about the choices th..
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Sean Burn
First medovnik then

3:05, 2009, Experimental

Produced as part of undercovered festival, cesta, czech republic and dedicated to czech artists vĕra chytilová and eva švankmajerová - this work celebrates resi..
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Sinan Büyükbaş

1:56, 2010, Animation

Its an experimental video on the flow of colors and light in harmony.
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Surabhi Saraf

7:33, 2010, Video Art

FOLD is a multi-channel audio-visual installation, it presents a visual echo of the present instance: it takes an unexamined moment and gives it life. It is the second video from m..
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Sebastien Senechal

6:09, 2013, Video Art

Fukushima, Namie, restricted zone since the tsunami. The deserted streets, closed shops, abandoned... The remains of a presence. Composed of Google Earth images, representations o..
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Sun Yip

18:06, 2010, Animation

To slow down. To give time a dimension and feel its density. Based on this idea, I show the mystery of life with my own aesthetic vision.
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Sandrine Deumier

14:51, 2015, Experimental

Alter ego and its ambiguities. The question of the double in the alder of the multiplication of the identity established by our digital behavior. "GogatsuByo" - the place of ego as..
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Stuart Pound
Grandmother is a crab

2:02, 2013, Fiction

Grandmother is a Crab borrows from an earlier digital video made fifteen years ago, that itself used footage captured from a travel advertisement on television. The voice-over and ..
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Sergio Cruz

5:40, 2010, Experimental

"Hannah explores the playful ambition of Hannah Dempsey, a young dancer and athlete with a disability. “The film is a celebration of motion, energy and elegance of human movemen..
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Sherwin Akbarzadeh
Here / there

3:04, 2011, Documentary

Life on the streets of Tehran, Iran and Seoul, South Korea combine to form a mosaic of urban anonymity.
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Sonja Wyss
Hoch zyte

6:00, 2002, Video Art

"Hoch-Zyte" ("weddings", but also: "high times"), shows in a dreamlike setting three women and their fantasies and yearnings about marriage. An 11 year old girl is knitting a weddi..
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Silvia De Gennaro
Homo homini lupus

3:29, 2009, Animation

If a god, to get closer to a woman, can turn himself to a swan, even more often a man does it under the semblances of a wolf.
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Sarah Schreier
Ich du held / the unsung hero

9:51, 2013, Experimental

Based on text fragments of different rappers from german city of Halle (Saale) the short film ‘Ich Du Held’ (”The unsung heroes’) traces the confrontation with one’s own ..
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Sean Burn
In an age of double glazing de..

2:20, 2014, Experimental

In 2004 i was commissioned to create nørth - a body of work including prose-poem cycle about northern identity. Based along the a66 from cumbria to teesside and including much aut..
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Svetlana Pilyushina
Inner sanctum

01:39:00, 2012, Multimedia

Virtual Kora around Sacred Kailas Mount in the Western Tibet (Ngari), showing both Khorlam (outer kora) and Nangkor (inner kora). Inner Sanctum - Altar in the Temple of Fate. The H..
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Stuart Pound
Kissing in hats

1:30, 2005, Experimental

The poem "kissing in hats" is a villanelle, a verse form where the regular repetition of two key lines gives added urgency to what is being said. in the video, this effect is inten..
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Sirin Bahar Demirel
Life looks for life

1:58, 2015, Experimental

This video reflects my fascination with mundaneness of the things that astronauts did on the moon and my efforts to comprehend it through mixing their most ordinary moments with my..
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Silvia De Gennaro
Looking for illumination

6:32, 2009, Video Art

"Looking for Illumination" explores the basic meaning of life motion, symbolized by the logarithmic spiral.
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Sandrine Deumier

2:25, 2012, Animation

MagicalGarden talk about illusion and pseudo-virtual realities applicable to the feelings. In the symbolic space of the ideal garden, understood as Utopian space, and place ideally..
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Sandrine Deumier

7:31, 2014, Experimental

Elaborated as a digital flow crossed by permanent base lines, "Mdr.html" is the evocation of a digital imagination and reveals the virtual tendency of our societies. Alx P.op (ele..
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Shy Hamilton
Me & my boy

12:39, 2011, Documentary

A single father and former addict struggles to raise his son in Oakland, California, USA on the verge of the 2008 presidential election.
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Stephane Leonard
Me And My Drummer - You’re A..

3:46, 2012, Music video

’You’re A Runner’ is a music video for the band Me and My Drummer. The lyrics of the song are about the singer wanting to keep a friend from committing suicide. The video tu..
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Simone Stoll

04:15, 2013, Experimental

Meer, a video on life’s longings. The introductory lines call for a focused mind, internalisation and, for silence. The camera is fixed and shows a woman from the back gazing..
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Sibylle Trickes

9:29, 2009, Experimental

My video deals with our self-perception. We often act like completely different persons depending on the person we communicate with: We behave different with our chief or with our ..
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Sanja Hurem

2:59, 2015, Experimental

Metamorphosis takes ancient myth as its starting point. The Nymph as a creature at the intersection between the human, the divine and the space of nature. We are plunged into an im..
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Stefanie Maier

5:59, 2014, Fiction

MORITZ loves the nature and is full of discovery: he likes to play in the garden and toss the stones into the water. But what if his favorite toy is suddenly broken? Will MORITZ fi..
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Sébastien Pins
My forest

6:55, 2012, Fiction

With the view of a child, travel throughout the forest to discover its magic, its mysteries and its meetings...
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Sylvia Eckermann
N o w h e r e

8:15, 2011, Video Art

n o w h e r e is a GameMod - a deconstruction of the firstperson shooter Unreal. The GameEngine is used as an artistic tool to create an interactive audio/visual installation. The ..
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Sonja Vukovic
Neue nähe / new closeness

4:50, 2011, Fiction

The idea for the video essay \"Neue Nähe\" was created in autumn 2010. As a volunteer at the Axel Springer Academy and following the success of their teams with the cross-media pr..
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Sanny Overbeeke

1:35, 2004, Experimental

An exciting moment of concentration.
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Stuart Pound
Not you again

1:00, 2009, Experimental

Joyful self-hate in the recent snow.
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Sanny Overbeeke
Observation 4

2:34, 2004, Experimental

Man and wife digging through a painted image.
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Sanny Overbeeke
Observation 7

3:50, 2006, Experimental

The flock is converted in godspeed.
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