Video artists

Samantha Penn
Old wounds

2:42, 2011, Experimental

‘Old Wounds’ is the result of an extended shoot in which improvisation and acting were set against each other. The video makes me, and hopefully others, think about the boundar..
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Sungyeon Park
On her own birthday, 22 octobe..

3:48, 2008, Video Art

This piece deals with the daily life of an imaginary person who was born on October 22, 1941. It shows her mundane life of taking care of household chores, as well as her longing f..
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Sergio Cruz

20:00, 2008, Documentary

“In China, culture and the arts are very closely linked to people and their lives. The street life in Beijing is a 24-hour live show full of music, dance and sports. Over a perio..
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Sarah Janssen
Perpetuated suspense

4:19, 2011, Video Art

The video art work ’perpetuated suspense’ is made of found footage from feature films. I collected similar stereotypical scenes from movies, where people are moving through a b..
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Sam Huntley
Polish your shoes

11:00, 2004, Documentary

Born in London in 1979, Sam studied at Camberwell College Of Arts in London, before completing a BA [Hons] in Graphic Design at the University of Brighton in 2002. He made his fir..
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Sally Richardson
Pom pom

2:16, 2010, Video Art

** (pronounced Pom Pom) is a brief experiment in crystallized video catharsis. An ordinary parade caught on home video momentarily becomes a portal to a hidden emotional realm. Vid..
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Sanny Overbeeke
Pony tales

1:04, 2006, Experimental

The Himalaya White Pony dreams away on waving prayer flags.
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Siri Svendsen
Preparations for the unknown

6:11, 2008, Experimental

A young woman is waiting in a wardrobe, preparing to walk out while wearing a blindfold. She fails, but soon starts over again. The idea that we are constantly being in some sort ..
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Susanna Carlisle
Processed food

5:08, 2011, Experimental

I videoed the produce, seafood, and meat at markets in Rome and Florence. The images have been displaced and processed with the motion of a dancer to suggest a playful riff on proc..
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Sophie Vijgen
Processing paradise

14:12, 2012, Documentary

A short experimental documentary about processes behind the artificial paradise of a tropical swimming pool and an indoor ski slope. From the early morning, employees and machines ..
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Silvia Gennaro
Quest’estate le zanzare ..

6:22, 2010, Video Art

“This summer mosquito will be worst than ever” is an article headline. The most used words by media and politicians are: alert, danger and catastrophe. The violence wielded by ..
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Sam Hickson
Relational psychology test

2:15, 2011, Experimental

We are a yielding mass susceptible and vulnerable to engulfment of modern media. Bypassing our conscious and giving rise to an internal other. This is my paradoxical freedom, “a ..
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Sindre Péladeau

1:00, 2007, Video Art

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Sandra Araújo
Rio me porque és da ald..

2:53, 2014, Music video

Popular, Fun, Mocking, Sampling, Fado, Joke
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Shivkumar K V

02:56, 2015, Experimental

Robothing is an every day life with science in form of User Intervention Machines. The Video is of more Humor and fun of having a play and the advancement of our minds. Some may wo..
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Sabrina Muzi
Rosso di sera

13:00, 2006, Video Art

Rosso di sera (red sky at night) is an artwork about deprivation as self-offer, about donation and abandon, about desire and mutilation, in which the artist’s body is being offer..
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Sindre Péladeau

1:00, 2007, Experimental

It-s a experimental action video clip. A mix of 2d animation and real image.
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Sascha Engel
Run 5.19

6:00, 2006, Experimental

Young woman running for her life - or for death? Focus in life-an important thing! I created this film as part of my studies in the dance academy in the Netherlands.
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Sandra Araújo
Runtime error

4:12, 2013, Video Art

Video games are emergent systems with their own particular internal relationships. This animation mashes up and deconstructs game spaces taking on a multitude of forms, from scroll..
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Saba Tavakoli

15:00, 2012, Fiction

Fazed by the untimely death of her sister , a young girl ( saba) is urged to rear her sister’s the meantime,her mother starts worrying over nonstop visits of her lat..
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Sean Burn
Sack round the freezing tree

3:36, 2009, Experimental

Sack round the freezing tree. (after brechts spring 1938). 2009. 3"36"". a response to the tumultuous events in london this spring at the time of the g20 meeting/protests and very ..
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Susan Korda
Salomeas nase

22:51, 2014, Fiction

Salomea remembers the day her beloved brothers, Max and Karl, disfigured her and themselves for life. The Day of Tragedy, is what their mother called it, and blamed it on the fate ..
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Slawomir Milewski

4:30, 2014, Experimental

Impressions about experiencing the presence. self as the flow; undefined.
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Sabine Janz

8:40, 2014, Documentary

What is religion for us today? What value does it have? How much influence dos it have on our daily lives or vice versa? As a documentary research between religion and everyday lif..
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Stefano Fanara
Silence inside

2:15, 2010, Video Art

Stefano Fanara with Silence Inside deepens the existential themes of human existence started with the video \"Basta\" in 2006, \"Dead Bubbles\" in 2008, and “Eau” in 2010. With..
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Stuart Pound
Simple simple simple

1:42, 2013, Video Art

A poem in homage to Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell. The last paragraph of Alice in Wonderland is rearranged word by word, with the words left over as a title. Text and sound plays..
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Stuart Pound

1:00, 2004, Experimental

Smile is both a noun and a verb. the noun is represented as a zoom out from what seems at first to be an abstract surface but becomes a tooth, a smile and then a smiling face. smil..
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Silvio Gerber

9:22, 2014, Fiction

Summer. A suffocating heat fills the bedroom. He’s sitting in one corner, she’s in another. Bored. With coy glances she tries to catch his attention. No luck. She gets more dem..
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Sean Burn
Stealing brecht

4:26, 2004, Experimental

Stealing brecht explores rituals of healing and asks how we can create moments of hope and compassion in the face of oppression. i remember first engaging with human rights when i ..
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Slawomir Milewski
Still cant show u the face

5:20, 2014, Experimental

Film freely relates to Gilles Deleuze’s saying: we are our own genitality
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Sean Dunne
Stray dawg

15:31, 2011, Documentary

Meet Jonny Corndawg, the underground country-music legend. A born-and-bred Virginian, Jonny has played on five continents in as many years, and every state in the lower 48. Now Jon..
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Sil Woerd

5:00, 2006, Animation

Deze animatie geeft haar fantasierijke visie op een origineel onderwerp, kunstmatige IVF bevruchting, door zaadcellen te volgen. De metalen wereld in koele kleuren waarin de ouders..
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Sourav Chowdhury
Swimming around

2:35, 2009, Video Art

Swimming Around" presents a series of cityscapes with a fish bowl placed in Different locations of the city at different times of the day. With the fishes ceaselessly swimming roun..
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Stijn Dorpe

10:33, 2006, Video Art

Documentary film of a performance. A meaningless action, moving a table on wheels all over the room.
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Sandra Araújo
Tape loading error

2:55, 2012, Video Art

Animation exploring the visual culture of video games and the spread of popular gif files. The imagery of Magritte’s surrealist paintings gives a working platform for modular ele..
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Sean Dunne
The archive

8:35, 2008, Documentary

Paul Mawhinney was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Over the years he has amassed what has become the worlds largest record collection. Due to health issues and a struggling reco..
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Sebastian Moreno
The city of photographers

01:20:00, 2006, Documentary

A film about the fearless photographers and photojournalists who documented strikes, demonstrations, protests etc during the Chilean military regime of Augusto Pinochet, sometimes ..
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Silvia De Gennaro
The days of rage

2:15, 2011, Animation

About the recent civil unrest in northern Africa and internet-driven uprisings against regimes in general. Animation mixed with footage from Al Jazeera.
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Shereen Abdul Baki
The kitchen conqueror

8:00, 2006, Narrative

Reem wanders the aisles of her neighbourhood market, slipping into dreams of fortune-telling teacups and chicken slaughtering aunts who offer advice on love, cultural identity and ..
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