Video artists

Sarah Lorenzen
The los angeles river

28:00, 2007, Documentary

This 27-minute documentary film about the Los Angeles River weaves together citizens- voices, river imagery, historical documents, and visuals from the city-s proposed Master Plan...
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Sotiris Tsigaridas
The scholars

01:44:13, 2013, Fiction

The human brain is the most explosive mixture of the universe. Love,the fastest fuse of detonation. Helen and James are two young children in love. Can they survive carrying this u..
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Sarah Janssen
The silver bullet

4:05, 2010, Experimental

The silver bullet is an experimental video, dealing with the concept of technological singularity and the idea of creation of an artificial smarter-than-human intelligence. The tit..
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Siar Sedig
The Surgeons

3:34, 2015, Experimental

Tom, and Andy are two splendid surgeons that you won’t find in your local hospital. They work hard, fast, and extremely precise, and with the right touch of music, and a good..
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Sonja Kerkhoff
The tears of rangi

17:47, 2010, Narrative

Another way of saying it is raining in New Zealand Māori is “Ranginui (the skyfather) is crying for Papatuanuku.” Personifying the natural world and hence showing our huma..
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Stefanie Schairer
The thing

7:25, 2010, Video Art

THE THING - Stefanie Schairer (Germany) und Fedele Spadafora (USA) In \"The Thing, \" an unidentifiable object is found in the South German town of Albstadt and is sent to Berlin w..
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Siri Svendsen
The understanding

5:30, 2008, Experimental

"The Understanding" features an elephant being showered, chained in captivity. It reveals the ambigous relationship between the elephant and the keeper: The elephant enjoys the kin..
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Sandesh De Rijk

20:00, 2008, Narrative

A man and a woman have a brief encounter along the deserted east coast of england in the wintertime. The woman who has lost her desire to live becomes the subject of the man’..
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Sam Chegini

3:30, 2012, Music video

Story of a traveller who is asking herself symbolic questions about the meaning of life along the road.
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Sehee Kim
Tree in the house

4:54, 2013, Video Art

This is a dream and also an intimate conversation with trees. The organic coloured sand animation exposed on the images of trees. as ancient memories.
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Samuel Ransbeeck
Um só

8:17, 2008, Music video

Um só was initially an electronic composition for the course of electronic music at esmae, porto, portugal. when i met camille entratice, a french-brazilian artist, who was doing ..
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Sandrine Deumier

0:55, 2012, Animation

Staging a virtual character confronted with its own irreality, Un.reality juxtaposes virtual codes and programs of reality in a kind of fantasized screen which acts as border betwe..
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Sarah Filmer

8:29, 2010, Experimental

‘Unravel’ is the story of a garment. The pale blue jumper has a trajectory through the world that acts as a metaphor for the life of any one or any thing. The jumper’s compon..
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Sam Spreckley
Untitled #4

4:26, 2013, Experimental

Small moments caught from nature are re imagined sonically in an almost hypomanic style. Seemingly banal or normally unnoticed moments are selected and brought into the foreground ..
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Steven Pedersen
Untitled (island #4)

2:11, 2013, Video Art

Slipping between economies of anticipation and protocols of engagement, much of my work involves teasing out an inherently awkward relational dynamic between viewer and work that i..
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Stina Pehrsdotter
Urging absence

3:00, 2009, Video Art

Urging absence is about the contradistinction between desire and loss. A visualization of the decision not to give birth any more.
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Sandrine Deumier

6:21, 2013, Animation

Poem of anticipation deriving permanently in the permeable limits between utopian dreams and frenzies of mass, megalomanias and sanctifications of the violence, «Utopia» is built..
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Sofie Hoff
Video project

4:00, 2013, Experimental

With the 4 minutes video piece that I have created I want to raise and increase the awareness of what artificial materials we are surrounding ourselves with and how that might affe..
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Stuart Pound

1:00, 2011, Experimental

Wren & child sound nice in the background as video time code is written on a wal.l
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14:00, 2006, Experimental

Video project in 3 chapters commissioned by Lex Records for tracks: 1. FKO (Fuck Kelly Osborne) 2. The Long Vein of the Law 3. Swanmeat >From Subtle’s new album ’Wishingbone..
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Sean Burn
World turned upside down by se..

1:00, 2014, Experimental

One minute one take film that literally turns the world upside down, repositioning the antarctic at the top of the world and making us think about the politics of geography. With s..
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Stuart Pound
Writing behaviour

3:12, 2002, Experimental

Writing Behaviour is a poem set to images and sounds. the image foreground is made up of the lines, words and letters of the poem, floating and twisting in the light, as the incarc..
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Sandesh Rijk

16:00, 2006, Narrative

David Lynchian fiction film about a man who almost gets into an accident at night on a deserted road. Then he meets a girl that’s walking on the side of the road..........
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